Be transparent with your partner!

Many couples wonder where the passion is going after just a couple of years together. The sexual tension is not a given, and you need to work hard in order to keep it going. The most important thing is to be transparent with your companion, so that you can figure out the ways to use various techniques and practices in the sack.

What to do?

First, tell your sweetheart about the kinds of port you like. This can some as harmless as petite pornstars and DP, or as weird as CBT or BDSM.

Second, think about the actions you can take together in order to have some fun in novel settings. For example, if you know that you like petite females, you can suggest a threesome. At first, you gf might be adamantly against anything like this, but gradually she might become pretty OK with this. Women aren’t stupid, and they won’t have change things up a bit too.

Third, think about asking your girlfriend to wear some new clothes to your sexcapades. If you lust after the petite girls, wearing really small clothes can be an interesting solution.