How to sex it up with your wife?

Sometimes we all feel bored with sex. This sacred ritual turns into a mundane thing. Like taking out the garbage.

And scientists say that healthy sex life doesn’t materialize on its own, but you need to invest hard work and commitment.

Cool tricks to use

First, try light bondage. No whipping or clamping. Just tie down your wife, immobilizing her. This will get extremely sexy for both of you in a wink. You can watch some free sex movies in BDSM niches and get illustrated guidances.

Second, flirt with her more. It can as simple. Smile at her, complement her. Accidently press against her and touch her pussy in public. Make her know that you desire her AF.

Third, consider getting a cam girl in the bound. Of course, this can feel like cheating, but it’s not.

Talk to your ball and chain and explain to her that you want to taste something new. Get an ebony, Asian or Russian girl to show her produce. Masturbate together. This can actually be as tantalizing as a threesome.