How to shake up your sack life?

If you feel that sex life is stale, you need to take active steps to turn the volume up. Don’t wait for things to get in their places on their own. They might never do.

Take the matters in your hands. Try these cool moves to reignite the flames.

1. Look for practices both you and your gf will like

Watch some sex movies, peeking into BDSM, threesomes and public sex. If you find a kink that is of interest for both of you, it will keep you going for a long time.

2. Take out sex life outside

Don’t confide your sex games to the bedroom. It might get boring and routine very fast. But if you fuck outside from time to time, it will feel novel and exhilarating.

3. Flirt with each other

Although this tip might not seem important at all, it will surely help you to build up more tension before you actually have the coitus. Smile at your girl, accidentally touch her privates outside, do some texting. Foreplay is a big part of the sex experience for women.